We serve a great country and its people that are searching for a new job or a change in career paths. For over 30 years, Lock Search Group has strived to be a model of what an executive search firm should and can offer to its clients and candidates. Along with matching talent to exceptional positions we also help you enhance your resume and interview techniques, as well as provide insight on what areas to focus on. We are committed to fostering an exceptional experience when partnering with us and trusting our consultants that they will match you with the best career position suitable for you.


So you have submitted your resume… Wondering what the next steps are?

Rest assured that we have received your resume. If we haven’t contacted you right away, it is because there may not be a position that matches your exceptional talent and we want to make sure we have the best suitable position to recommend to you.

We encourage you to continue to check our website, as positions are posted daily. This way you are up to date with what current opportunities are out there.

Time is of the essence; yours, ours and our client’s time is valuable. We build a trusting relationship with our candidates. The more open you are with our consultants during your initial meeting the better we can meet your expectations when using our services during the search process.

Connect with your consultant. After you have met our consultants make sure to add them to Linkedin, and follow their job RSS feed by clicking here so you can get instant updates, to your phone or email, when new postings have been added.