Points of inspiration:  finding the unfindable, solving the unsolvable

Lisa’s favourite thing to hear on a regular day is this: “it can’t be found”. Presumably unsolvable challenges are the exciting spices of life that keep her and the Ottawa team continually driven to surprise clients with nothing but the utmost exceptional and rare talent.

As a Recruitment Associate in the nation’s capital, Lisa works to mine the shifting markets to help find our clients the required forte to propel their next wave of corporate success.

After receiving her BA in Law, Lisa launched a career path gathering new skill sets in investigative research and business development. More importantly, however, she gained some great friends and valued connections along the way.

Lisa is an avid competitor and if asked to participate in any game or sport that has a winner and a loser – count her in! Alongside some of the best recruiters in the industry, she is thrilled to unearth new talent, map market trends and provide clients with pertinent market information. She loves to see clients and candidates excited about beginning a new chapter with their latest hire!

Very involved with community work, Lisa presently serves as Vice Chair, Community Investment Committee, Ottawa United Way.

BIG fan of musicals: Hamilton is just the latest obsession.”


Practice Areas

Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Business-to-Business, Industrial, Supply Chain, Operations & Logistics, Technology