Points of inspiration:  being part of an amazing team

Nadine impressed us so much that we offered her a job. Her three years of experience as a Coordinator combined with her energy and attitude were exactly what we were seeking.

She loves assisting in the process of finding “the perfect fit”, and enjoys the interaction as a Recruitment Associate that she has with clients, candidates and the rest of the team. The collective effort and team spirit motivates her; she likes to be part of a culture that values collaboration while still recognizing personal efforts.

Nadine has a positive attitude, always smiling and laughing – mostly at her own jokes. She is the girl who genuinely loves to eat, which has earned her the nickname “Snacks” in our office. Always active, she is a self-described spin addict (indoor cycling).

I first got into recruitment just as most people do, recruited by a recruiter (ironic, right?). Now that I have joined Lock, I couldn’t be happier.”


Practice Areas

Industrial & OEM, Supply Chain, Operations & Logistics