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They say if you build it, they will come. Well, when Richard builds it, success is what comes. (Good thing he has the energy of 10 men!) The founder of Lock Search Group, Richard has led the company through nearly 30 years of exceptional growth.
Divisional Vice President, B2B & Industrial
Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Kieran has supplemented his degree with numerous human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and management courses and seminars.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
If you look to the top of your screen you'll find the professional recruiter in his natural habitat. Shh... let's try not to disturb this rare creature. OK, so maybe he's not "rare" per se, but Glenn does have his unique expertise.
Senior Recruiter
They say Christopher Goodrick is good with his hands. Starting his career off as a tradesman probably didn't hurt. His entrepreneurial talent led him to establish his own construction company.
Jamus MacPherson headshot
Recruitment Consultant
How does Jamus know what's exceptional? Some might say that his fanatical devotion to the Edmonton Oilers might demonstrate quite the opposite. But don't say that to Jamus: as an avid golfer he usually has a club in his hand and who knows how he might react.