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They say if you build it, they will come. Well, when Richard builds it, success is what comes. (Good thing he has the energy of 10 men!) The founder of Lock Search Group, Richard has led the company through nearly 30 years of exceptional growth.
Divisional Vice President, B2B & Industrial
Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Kieran has supplemented his degree with numerous human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and management courses and seminars.
Vice President of Finance
When you control the money, you control the world. At least that's the way it works around here. Meet Glen Blackwell, VPE. That's Vice President of Everything.
It's not just what you know, it's who you know. And Ed knows both. With years of experience working in the United States and Canada for high-profile companies like Trudell Medical, US Surgical Corporation, GE Medical, Ingram and Bell/Source Medical, Ed is very well connected.
A former drummer and crazed April Wine fan, Benoit spends most weekends behind the tour bus. But from Monday to Friday this groupie spends his time in our Toronto office, where he is known simply as Ben.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
One day Dave was minding his own business when he got a call. Come to the dark side the caller said – and he has.
Michael brings 20 years of Sales, Operations and Management experience to Lock Search Group where he now leads the Hospitality/QSR/Food Service Practice.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
There's nothing that Mike Davis likes more than a fixer-upper. We’re talking about houses not clients but hey that works too.
Lock is known for scooping the competition but that has nothing to do with us hiring Dana “The Scoop” Lamanna. The nickname actually comes from her legendary ice cream scooping skills (she has the right arm
Paul Huffman
Paul Huffman likes dogs. They’re loyal and easy going. So is Paul. Of course, there are different kinds of dogs and dog-owners. Is he one of those guys who carries small dogs wearing coats?
Tara-Lynn Dent
Recruitment Coordinator
Tara-Lynn Dent doesn’t do things halfway - unless they are marathons, in which case that is OK. But even those won’t cut it for long, since she is definitely going to do a full one. Soon.