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They say if you build it, they will come. Well, when Richard builds it, success is what comes. (Good thing he has the energy of 10 men!) The founder of Lock Search Group, Richard has led the company through nearly 30 years of exceptional growth.
Divisional Vice President, B2B & Industrial
Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Kieran has supplemented his degree with numerous human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and management courses and seminars.
Dan O'Day
Senior Recruiter & Partner
Don't let the youthful looking illustration to the left deceive you; Dan is one of Lock’s longest serving and top recruiters. Frankly, he is a bit of a sensei around here and you’ll often find a line up of people outside his office seeking his pearls of wisdom.
Senior Recruiter
As a successful entrepreneur, Frank has had experience managing and developing a retail business from scratch and understands what it takes to move a company to the next level.
Brent is the sort of guy who blushes when you call him a Renaissance man - though he’ll quickly slide into a discourse about how the term arose in Renaissance Italy and was first promulgated by the polymath Leon Alberti... See what we mean?
Cameron Lappin
We’re glad to have Cam Lappin and his experience on board at Lock. He graduated from the BC Institute of Technology with honours in the Marketing and Professional Sales Diploma program, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.