Points of Inspiration: finding that perfect fit for our clients.

Allan graduated in 2014 from George Brown College, with a focus on two programs: Human Resource Management and Sport & Event Marketing. The combination isn’t surprising, given that he excelled both as a student and as a top-ranked tennis player, receiving scholarships while achieving NCAA Div 1 status. He is still a Tennis Canada certified instructor.

He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Gujarat University, specializing in Accounting and Business Management.

His passion for business arose during a 6-month exposure to internal recruitment. Allan loved the fact that he could a play a part in helping people progress in their careers, much as he had helped others with their tennis aspirations. Determined to learn from the best, he recently joined Lock Search Group as a Recruitment Associate.

Allan is skilled in creating Candidate Profiles, Job Postings, Sourcing, Boolean, Pre-screening and Interviewing. In the short time he has been with Lock, he has proven himself to be a valuable and dedicated resource to our Consultants and our Clients.

Practice Areas
Consumer Packaged Goods, Industrial and B2B: Saas & Marketing