Points of inspiration:  Her family is of course number one, outside of family, adventure, competitive activity and inspiring others through leading by example.

Courtnie has experienced close to 20 years of Life Sciences opportunities working for some of the largest Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies in the world.  She has focused her selling and Product Specialist efforts within a wide range of surgical specialties and in most recent years enjoyed Cosmetic Aesthetics where she was able to focus on business to business interaction.

One thing that inspires Courtnie every day is helping people, inspiring people and coaching people to further their interests and to achieve their goals.  Courtnie has recently acquired the role with Lock Search Group and is most excited to ensure that she can help people find roles that fit both their interests and career goals, as well as assisting companies in placing the ‘right fit’ for their respective organizations. 

Courtnie, a lover of all sports and activities, will never turn down a challenge.  With a degree in Commerce at Saint Mary’s University, she is an avid lover of all things that encourage competitive play.  She is a three time marathon runner, downhill skier and a lover of the ‘art of golf’ although her sand shot is still less than stellar.  However, you can be assured she will fight to win every single time.  In every way.

Practice Areas

Life Sciences: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Dental, Eye Care, Diagnostics, Animal Health, Biotechnology, Consumer Goods, Food Service, Retail