Points of inspiration:  avid boater, cottager, enthusiastic renovator of old homes

Ed joined Lock Search Group after a high profile career working with some of the biggest and best companies in the medical field – both in Canada and the U.S. He came to us directly from GE Medical in 2000 and immediately began making an impact on our own profile in the Life Sciences marketplace.

It is often said that it’s not what you know but who you know. Ed is the exception to the rule – he knows both very well. Together with his partner Ben Lamarche, and backed by a superb team of researchers, our Life Sciences group is widely acknowledged to be the best informed and the best connected in the industry.

Ed’s expertise lies in his specialization of C suite recruitment and senior level placement of Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs and Regulatory professionals within the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors. 

We make a difference every day. Recruiting for the life sciences industry has allowed for connections to be made and careers to prosper.” 


Practice Areas

Life Sciences: Pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), Life Sciences consulting, long term care, niche specialty markets, orphan drugs, new Canadian entries, new product launches, biologics, biosimilars, animal health, dental, hearing aid market, vision care, aesthetic specialty markets