François is the newest member of the Lock team. With a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Laval University, François has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources in positions that have allowed him to climb the corporate ladder (notably within very well-known companies with a global presence such as CN, Kraft Heinz and Canada Goose). Throughout his career, François supported leaders at all levels of his organization and has implemented and optimized processes that often improve organizational effectiveness and the employee experience, within these organizations.

With an authentic and down-to-earth approach, François has developed a large network of contacts over the years and is well aware of the expectations of candidates in a highly competitive job market where all employers must be flexible, original and even daring when it comes to attracting the workforce that can generate sustained growth but also, and ESPECIALLY, to retain this same workforce over time.

An avid baseball fan, François is very involved in his local Minor League Baseball Association, loves to visit MLB stadiums and spends most of the little free time he has with his 4 children and his dog, named Diamond!

What he targets:

The right person. In the right chair. At the right time and in the right circumstances. That’s what a perfect placement is all about!

Practice Areas

Most corporate functions, namely: Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain & Purchasing, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, etc. at mainly within the following industries & sectors:

  • Engineering Firms / Construction / Aeronautics & Aerospace / Railroad / Energy / Logistics / Mines & Minerals / Agriculture / Municipal Government / Legal & Public Affairs Firms / Audit & Accounting Firms / Gaming

But also within the following industries and sectors:

  • Real Estate / Environment / Public and/or (para)governmental administrations / Hospitality / Performing arts, cinema & entertainment / Non-profit associations / Forestry / Architecture & Urbanism / Recreation / Tourism