Minna is a seasoned and successful business professional with 15 years solid experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Having managed several high value projects across 3 continents, Minna roots her works in supporting diversity inclusion practices, continuous learning, and a value-based approach.
An avid golfer, Minna shares that her greatest lessons and partnerships have stemmed from a common love for the sport.

As a recruiter, she intends to extend her expertise to her clients and candidates, in helping them match their talent strategy, and career goals. Minna seeks to partner with companies by leveraging her data driven & collaborative approach, extensive industry experience and global network.

Minna is focused on intelligent recruiting, strategic sourcing, and offering career guidance to those looking to make a shift into industry.


Practice Areas

Mining (Base and Precious Metals), Energy & clean-tech, Construction, Power & Utilities, Transportation, Agriculture & Agri-food, Manufacturing, Distribution, Automation, Chemicals. Recruiting for Industrial firms is a wide-ranging field that covers finance, strategic sourcing, skilled tradespeople, sales and marketing, and logistics.