Points of inspiration:  a fast pace, a Buffalo Bills victory (someday)

After earning a degree at University of Windsor, Paul began B2B sales with Ricoh, then joined Black and Decker. Rising through the ranks he became National Sales Manager – Retail. Paul developed and implemented a loyalty program they still use today and was recognized for his outstanding customer service and effective management style.

He joined Lock Search Group in 2013, and soon made a positive impact on our Consumer Goods client group. Paul is a dynamic fellow with a keen interest in strategy: market trends, client needs, candidate potential, and how each element influences and shapes the outcome.

With a sincere dedication to career coaching, Paul has found his move to recruitment very satisfying. It allows him to help many people progress through different stages of their career.

Outside of work, he is an organizer for a camp dedicated to kids with Down Syndrome, a fan of Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop Music, and an avid follower of Hamilton politics.

“It’s true – my wife caught me watching council meetings on public television….”


Practice Areas

Consumer Goods: specializing in building materials, hardware and housewares in the retail and builder channels