Points of Inspiration:  driven by People and Progression

Where to begin with someone as multi-faceted as Ryan? Marketer, producer of two full-length feature bike films, talented baseball player with college-level experience in the U.S. and Europe – and an enviable post-graduation record in Business Development for such companies as Cadbury and Nestle.

Ryan earned a B.A. in Psychology and has supplemented that education with accreditation in GAP Negotiation. His diverse background has enabled him to advance from street sales to Operations to Regional Manager, then onward to Human Resources and Training. By joining Lock Search Group he is combining his love of competition with a solid foundation in branding and innovative business practices.

After working from a home office for more than a decade, he surprised his two young boys with his new career in downtown Vancouver. Their reaction? – “Daddy has a new office and wears nice clothes to work”.

Ryan is eager to take on new challenges, especially for clients seeking candidates with expertise in such crucial areas as Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce and Key Account Sales. Whether that assignment may come from a start-up or an established market leader, Ryan can deliver the talent that fosters “People and Progression”.

Practice Areas

Consumer Packaged Goods, Beverage/Alcohol, Cannabis, Action Sports, Apparel, Luxury Brands, Hard Goods and Automotive