Where to begin with someone as multi-faceted as Ryan? Sales Leader, Marketer, Producer of three full-length feature bike films, talented baseball player with college-level experience in the U.S. and Europe – and an enviable post-graduation record in Business Development for such companies as Cadbury and Nestlé.  Now we can add award winning Recruiter to his list of growing achievements.

Ryan earned a B.A. in Psychology and has supplemented that education with high level Sales training through his 18 years in CPG, accompanied by accreditation GAP Negotiation. His diverse background has enabled him to advance from Outside Sales to Operations to Regional Manager positions at in the Consumer Packaged Goods Food industry, then onward to Human Resources and Training. Since joining Lock Search Group, Ryan has quickly established himself as a talented and trusted CPG Recruiter demonstrated by his success working with companies ranging from start-up to Tier 1 in Canada and the US.  The core of Ryan’s placements span across Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.  Ryan has quickly established himself as a top performer trusted by clients to find highly skilled, culturally aligned candidates and consulting on sometimes delicate talent acquisition strategies.  In recent months, Ryan has been working meticulously as a partner to his clients taking on Executive searches from President, CFO , VP Finance, VP Sales and Executive Board Member positions.

“We threw a big challenge at Ryan to find us an exceptional candidate for a highly strategic role within our sales organization. At the same time, we were looking for not only a strong skill set but also a perfect cultural fit for our organization. Ryan not only delivered on that challenge, but he did so in record time with multiple highly qualified candidates for us to meet. Nine months later, we couldn’t be happier with where we landed.” – Smucker’s

Ryan is continuing to trail blaze on his path as a Tier 1 Recruiter on the West Coast continuing to focus on client needs and candidate career mapping.  Understanding the CPG industry across multiple sectors is one value Ryan brings to both clients and candidates, while putting people and progression at the core of everything he does at Lock.  Whether you are a client looking for a true partner to find the perfect cultural fit, or seeking your next career move give Ryan a call at 604-639-3714 or email at rberrecloth@locksearchgroup.com to discuss further.

Practice Areas

Consumer Packaged Goods, Beverage/Alcohol, Cannabis, Action Sports, Apparel, Luxury Brands, Hard Goods and Automotive