Points of inspiration:  hitting the targets, finding exceptional people

Ryan had a very successful hockey career, where he did hit his target time after time at two Minnesota Wild training camps. Now he continues to do exactly that at Lock Search Group, and we are very happy to have him scoring on our behalf.

He completed his scholarship program at Acadia University, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business in the process. He then worked for an industry leading distributor with a focus on the core construction markets as well as an Industrial Manufacturer who provided products to the Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing industries.

His competitive nature and solid business background make him an ideal addition to our Industrial & OEM team.

“My biggest weaknesses are any form of Maynard’s Sour Candy and talks of Newfoundland. After work I can be seen enjoying an Irish whiskey and moderately picking at a guitar.”


Practice Areas:

Industrial & OEM: focus on Distribution and Manufacturers