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Social Engagement by Search Firms

LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently published the results of a year-long survey on social engagement as practiced by more than 60,000 search and staffing firms around the world. The object of the survey was to measure companies and their employees for their success in reaching out and engaging with clients. The data was collected from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017. We were excited to find that Lock Search Group placed no. 2 in the top 25 of North American search firms!

Here is an info-graphic taken from the LinkedIn results:

The category that a staffing agency appears in is determined by HQ location and the number of employees that are associated with the company’s LinkedIn page. Where there are multiple brands in a company, the sub-brands are rolled up to the parent brand and the employee count used is reflective of the total amount from all pages.

The Lock team believes strongly in the power of social engagement. We have a regular daily posting program that includes all our 11 offices across Canada and into the U.S. In addition to posting career opportunities and employee introductions, we also publish a blog of original articles on our website and link to those articles on our LinkedIn page, Twitter and Facebook page.

As Lock’s Social Media Manager, I also search for relevant videos, articles and online content in dozens of publications (crediting those sources if we decide to re-publish). We view our role as curators of useful content, both for clients and candidates. After all, very few people have the time to search out all avenues, whether they’re looking for a new position or a new addition to their corporate team. It’s part of our mandate to be a source of great information and to help our audience keep on top of business trends.

The program is really paying off for everyone involved. We have noticed a substantial increase in our followers. Our organic reaches have continued to grow over the past two years. And, more importantly, our consultants feel they can react with a greater sense of urgency to search assignments. We are more connected and more proactive than ever before.

We’re moving up in the LinkedIn world too. In last year’s survey, we placed 4th. The competition for top talent is a never-ending one, and we are convinced that being socially engaged provides a competitive advantage – for our clients and for our stream of candidates.
Check out our LinkedIn page here, and our full site at to learn more. Engage with us!