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Specialization and differentiation

 We have been involved in recruiting for the Cannabis industry for several years, making several key placements in anticipation of legalization. The expertise and networks we had developed within the CPG and Pharmaceutical sectors made us a natural business partner for entrepreneurs and CPG companies looking to establish a Cannabis marketplace. When legalization occurred in Canada back in 2018, we had an effective program for top talent already in place, allowing those forward-thinking clients to hit the ground running.

The industry is still growing rapidly with flower, oils, edibles, beverages, and household products. Further expansion of legalization around the world has opened up export markets for Canadian suppliers, while cannabis-based Health and Beauty Aids (HABA), cosmetics, sleep aids, pain/anxiety suppressants, and pet-care products have accelerated revenue growth and product development. The global legal cannabis market is expected to reach $U.S. 73 billion by the year 2027, a CAGR of 18.1%.

With the recent introduction of cannabis-based beverages, the sales and marketing programs of the Cannabis industry and Beverage/Alcohol industry are becoming inter-twined.  The “premiumization” strategy is rapidly being adopted by Cannabis companies seeking profitability.

Lock Search Group is highly active in the recruiting of the Functional Expertise talent needed in this nascent industry. From Sales and Marketing to Operations, to Logistics and Distribution, to Retail Display and Launch, Customer Data Science, and Financial Management, we are placing top performers in key roles.

We fill a variety of cannabis roles

  • Account Representative
  • CFO
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director Compliance
  • Director Demand Planning
  • Director National Accounts
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
  • Financial Planning analyst
  • Qulality Assurance Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Strategy Manager
  • Senior Brand Manager
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Quality Assurance

What our clients say about our cannabis recruiters

I have had the pleasure of working with Lock Search Group as a candidate and a client for more than 10 years. Mike Davis and the team at Lock have always been highly dialed into my needs and tailor their search appropriately. The process is always efficient, professional, and meets the needs of my team. I would highly recommend choosing Lock Search Group as your next partner in recruitment.

Cyrus Sadaghiani

Canopy Growth Corporation, Vice-President, Sales Enablement

3 Reasons to Choose Lock Search Group

Experience and expertise

We streamline and simplify recruitment processes. Our own hiring practices are industry specific; our Consultants are recruited from leadership positions within their respective vertical. As specialists, we understand the position requirements, our client’s business, and the market landscape. We function as an extension of our client’s brand, assessing the potential for the right business and cultural fit within a pool of qualified candidates.

Client-centric focus

You receive an action plan that details what we will do, how we will do it, and when we will do it. Our client-centric focus puts you at the centre of our values and our operations. The wide scope of services we are able to provide draws on our Consultants’ direct industry experience. Lock Search group delivers recruiting results that align with your timeframe and your business goals.

Lasting business relationships

We have built a strong network of business leaders, decision makers, and influencers. Many of them have been our recruiting clients for decades. These relationships span all sectors and regions, ensuring we are the best networked search firm in the country.

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