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Recruiters need to be technologically astute when recruiting staff for hi-tech firms. At Lock Search Group, we are technology enthusiasts, utilizing data-driven analytics and high-tech tools and platforms in our recruitment process and to improve our candidate experience. We bring that expertise to our tech recruitment, too, one of the main reasons we’re becoming known as the staffing firm of choice for companies across the tech industry and any firms seeking disruptive change. Our specialized understanding of the technology world and what tech candidates look for in their workplace and career makes us experts in recruiting tech talent and IT professionals. 

One of the biggest talent acquisition challenges technology businesses face today is the increasing competition for tech professionals across industries. Organizations from healthcare to finance and everything in between need developers, AI experts, and engineering professionals in their workforce. This has further strained the tech talent pool, and the shortage of job seekers with expertise in today’s technologies has created a very competitive job market. This is where an experienced technology recruiter like Lock Search can make a big difference. We have the knowledge and candidate networks to find solutions to even the most complex hiring problem. Whatever your tech recruiting needs, contact us today to learn how we can find the right people for your opportunity. 

We work with a diverse set of technology companies

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has seen a massive spike in recent years, and that trend is only likely to continue. This has created a shortage of experienced AI/ML talent, with fierce competition for qualified candidates with these in-demand skills. Simply evaluating candidates’ skills can be a challenge, often involving complex projects and advanced knowledge that hiring managers don’t have. Lock Search Group’s recruiters understand the tech landscape and advanced skills needed for AI/ML roles, helping organizations across industries hire the programmers, data analysts, and other professionals who will help drive their growth into the future.
Hiring experts in an emerging technology like augmented reality and virtual reality can be a challenge. Since the field is still developing, new tools, frameworks, and hardware are emerging regularly, and even experienced AR engineers, UX designers, hardware engineers, and 3D modelers may not have the full skill sets that you need. Those that do are in high demand in this very competitive hiring market. This is why an AR recruiter can be a big benefit, helping connect employers with job seekers who have the cross-disciplinary expertise and niche skill set that are needed in these roles.
It takes a range of skilled professionals to develop and deploy autonomous vehicles. This includes people well-versed in emerging technologies like machine learning and neural networks, as well as engineers who can integrate sensor data and control systems that allow the car to operate, and safety and regulatory specialists who can ensure vehicles are in compliance with legal requirements governing autonomous cars and will keep the passengers safe. Lock Search Group’s technology recruitment team can connect companies in this space with the full team of professionals they need to bring self-driving cars to market safely and efficiently.
In an increasingly connected world, more and more business happens remotely, and the strength and security of company networks and cloud environments is paramount for success. These roles often require a broad skill set, including knowledge of network architecture, cybersecurity, and the most recent trends and standards in the always-evolving cloud computing landscape. Identifying candidates with this expertise can be a challenge, but Lock Search Group’s recruiters have the industry knowledge and comprehensive recruitment strategies to connect your company with the talent it needs.
Demand for cybersecurity talent is high and rising. The more digital assets and data that companies use, the greater the need for professionals who can keep organizations a step ahead of evolving cyber threats. The ongoing skill gap in cybersecurity adds to the challenge of hiring penetration testers, security engineers, incident responders, and other key players on a security team. This is what makes Lock Search Group a valuable partner, connecting clients with a robust network of cybersecurity talent ready to make an impact from their first day with their company.
Professionals in the rapidly growing field of data science need a diverse set of skills to excel, often working with complex technologies like machine learning and statistical modeling tools that are relatively recent developments. Because of this, there aren’t many candidates with that expertise on the job market, and competition for the top talent is high. From big data engineers and business intelligence analysts to the Data Science Directors who oversee these teams, Lock Search Group has an extensive network of data science candidates who can develop the data-driven solutions our clients need to grow their business.
All the technology in the world won’t help your business if your team and customers aren’t able to use it. A reliable IT support team is crucial for organizations across industries today, and the growing global need for these services can make IT support roles challenging to fill. The IT recruitment team at Lock Search Group understands the range of technical and customer service skills needed for success in these roles, and can quickly identify the right professionals for your job from our robust network of IT talent.
Keeping data and assets secure is of critical importance to businesses across sectors, and doing so in today’s digital world is challenging. As new threats emerge, and security teams develop new methods to combat them, an experienced team of security experts is crucial to avoid business interruptions and incidents that can damage both your bottom line and customer trust. Yet these professionals are in high-demand and difficult to find and hire in the current market. We connect clients with a network of highly-skilled candidates ready to bring their talents to your team and keep your organization secure.
Candidates need more than just programming skills and technical knowledge to be a good fit for a software development team. Organizations also need to hire someone with experience in their specific development methodology, who can work effectively with both back-end developers and front-end designers to create deliverables that meet the project requirements. Lock Search Group’s client-centric focus ensures we understand each client’s specific needs, allowing us to quickly and effectively identify the right person for their role.

We fill a variety of technology roles

  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Director
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Engineer
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of Sales

What our clients say about our technology recruiters

I worked with Lock Group for years in the Biotech industry so it was a natural and easy choice to partner again at Cision. Lock partners take the time to understand each industry, our company culture and each role.

Diane Slater

Cision, VP Human Resources

Why choose Lock Search Group

Track record of success

Since day one, our formula for success has been simple: care deeply, and deliver. We know that your next hire could be the one who changes everything for your team, and we pride ourselves on helping you close the deal with the talent who can take you to the next level.

Our founder’s entrepreneurial grit reaches from coast to coast, and you can expect the same delivery-driven, passionately-proven partnership in any one of the Lock team’s 12 offices. With consultants who boast average tenures of a decade or more, we’re not messing around –– we’re here to make the match that measures up.

Leaders and listeners

What is your story, and what’s the story behind it? Our client-centric focus puts you and your specific goals firmly at the heart of our search process. We’re here to listen.

You’ll receive an individual action plan when you work with Lock, and we’ll be right on the same page every step of the way: what we will do, how you’ll see it happen, and when to expect results will all be clearly defined from the very beginning.

Industry-savvy insiders

We’ve been building incredible teams at Lock since 1983. In that time, we’ve crafted a strong network of business leaders, decision makers, and influencers.

But that’s only half of the story. Our recruiters make genuine connections because they’ve lived their industries, and they understand the field’s unique nuances, needs, and subtleties from the inside out. No matter your business, the cutting edge is where you’ll find us.

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