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The Bright Future for Building and Construction Materials in Canada

The building industry is seeing unprecedented levels of construction activity in all of our major cities. Soaring housing prices and the appeal of an urban lifestyle, along with the wish of many to downsize, have combined to make Canada a hotbed of condo development.

Add to that the growing realization that we need to replace or refurbish our aging infrastructure. It all spells major opportunity for everyone connected with the building and construction materials industry.

In fact, in my 15+ years working with all of the industry channels, I’ve never been busier. So much so that I’ve formed a network of experienced Lock consultants across the country to deal with the diverse needs of employers and candidates.

The industry is endlessly fascinating, because it brings so many different and challenging elements together. Here are a few examples of projects the Lock team has brought to completion:

  • connecting developers with architects and designers
  • bringing Consumer Goods experts to work on commercial building projects
  • finding candidates who know building materials and building challenges from the ground up: the building envelope, roofing materials, bricks, the curtain wall, plumbing, lighting, flooring, appliances, smart faucets, tile, and more
  • working with industry groups such as the Hardlines Association and the Canadian Home Builders Association (CBHA) to understand their needs, and participate in their events
  • attracting candidates to work at all levels in the retail channel: management, category specialists, analytics experts, marketing managers and project specialists


Brand Development

We are also helping our clients grow their brands by bringing them talented people who often have never considered the industry as a career choice. For example, we recently placed an experienced and dynamic Executive Leader whose background was exclusively in Consumer Goods. His awareness of consumer trends and his ability to connect with the target audience are making a real impact in his new role with a major building developer.

Our focus on Executive Leadership, and our national network, is bringing candidates and clients together who otherwise may not have connected.

Our clients are also seeing the need to work with analytics, and that means they are seeking out candidates with a background in new technologies. That’s where the Lock team, with experience in several Practice Areas, is making a difference.

We are also helping clients grow their brand by introducing wholesalers to new retail channels, bringing them additional business. Retailers also benefit through strengthening their business relationships, by discovering value-added products and services as a result of the collaboration. It’s been a win-win all around, and we’re proud to be playing a part in making it happen.


The Future of Building and Construction in Canada

There are several indicators present today that signal a strong, lasting future for employers and employees in the Building and Construction materials industry:

  • The green building market, with an emphasis on sustainability, is vigorous and growing
  • Home automation and smart appliances generate replacement, renovation and further innovation
  • New design and new materials are making condo life desirable
  • The political will to replace infrastructure means that billions of dollars will be committed to major projects in every area, and will require decades of ongoing work
  • The awareness that good design makes for good living is driving developers toward excellence and consumer satisfaction, opening up new career opportunities for architects, designers, marketers, and more


Why Work with Lock Search Group

We are specialists in the industry. We know where the talent is and what will it take to attract them to your particular organization – and we have an eye on the future.

Whether you represent a company with a recruiting need, or whether you are looking for an exciting career change, don’t hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.