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The Need for Confidential Search

Recently we were asked by a Human Resources professional if we conducted confidential searches. When our Consultant replied ‘Yes, we do”, we were surprised to learn that apparently not all search firms provide that service.

For more than 30 years we have viewed our work with clients and candidates as matters of confidence and trust. We believe in building lasting business relationships, and in creating a climate of integrity that values the ethical interests of all clients and all candidates. We have a policy of non-disclosure, and a proven process for ensuring the security of our information. The Lock Search Group team are Confidential Search Specialists.

We very seldom publish the name of the company who has engaged us in a search assignment – in fact, we do so only when requested.

There are many reasons why a company needs to conduct a confidential search: succession planning at the top, expansion plans, new product launches, and more.

On the candidate’s side, initiating a career change is a serious step. When you are exploring your options, you need to work with someone you can trust.

Lock Search Group takes many precautions to ensure client and candidate privacy:

  • We prepare a mutually-agreed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or sign yours if you have one
  • Our databases are secure, with effective cyber-security measures in place to protect your information from unauthorized access
  • Our employees sign confidentiality agreements as a condition of their employment
  • We make our boardrooms available for interview privacy, with consideration provided to booking times
  • We conduct testing as required, on our premises if desired
  • A “need to know” policy governs all searches

A further consideration is that the average tenure of our Consultants is more than 10 years with our firm – a very unusual situation in the “head-hunting” industry.

Trust Lock Search Group. Contact us for your confidential search needs.

Richard Lock

Richard Lock

Richard’s passion for embracing new ways of thinking have kept the Lock team motivated with a sense of purpose and a belief that exceptional is what we do, day after day...