Points of inspiration:  his family – he is very dedicated to his wife and two daughters.

Prior to joining Lock Search Group, Jay worked in the industrial packaging and paper industry with Unisource, now known as Veritiv. Later his career took him on a different path, entering the surgical device market with a division of Stryker and a division of Medtronic. He had the opportunity to work with surgeons from diverse specialties, as well as nurses and hospital administrators.

He found his career niche at Lock, helping people find roles that fit both their personal interests and career goals, meanwhile assisting companies in finding people that have a positive impact on their organization. As a true team player, Jay insists his enviable track record stems from working with the professional, knowledgeable and dedicated team at Lock.

Jay earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alberta. Being an avid sports fan during the dynasty years of the Edmonton Oilers left a mark on him that not even surgery could remove. He remains a fanatical Oilers fan and is also a competitive golfer – when he isn’t travelling that is! He has been to more than 50 countries, including many areas of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia.

“Work hard so you can play hard.”

Practice Areas

Sales, Marketing, Health Operations, Finance,  HR and Intermediate / Senior Executive roles in the following areas:

Life Sciences: Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Dental, Eye Care, Diagnostics, Animal Health, Biotechnology

CPG: Consumer Goods, Food Service, Retail, Hard Goods, Cannabis

Business-to-Business, Insurance and Technology: IT/Telecom, Advertising/Media/Communications, Financial Services, Office Equipment & Supplies, Professional Services