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Lock Search Group Announces Appointment of General Manager

I am pleased to provide details on the appointment of Ben Lamarche as General Manager, Lock Search Group. The appointment was effective July 1, 2017.

Ben has a solid background with our company and particularly within Life Sciences. His unifying leadership style, extensive knowledge of the sector and the recruiting industry, as well as his experience in our Toronto, Montreal and Boston offices, are all assets that will enable him to fulfill his new mandate.

Ben earned a Master’s Degree in Business and went on to distinguish himself in Sales, Marketing and Human Resources at Merck Frosst over a 9-year period.

Moving to the LSG office in Montreal, and subsequently to Toronto, he has made a significant impact on the growth and scope of our business.

Ben is a team player who thrives on collaboration. Leading by example and working closely with many members of the Lock team, he has brought success to countless important assignments within Life Sciences, especially in the placement of Executive Leadership roles.
“I feel very privileged to be part of this organization,” says Ben. “We have an outstanding team and a great company culture. Together they virtually define the words ‘customer focus’.  I want to continue our way of working and build on it.
“This business is all about developing trust and continuity with our clients,” Ben emphasizes. “Our Consultants truly see themselves as operating their own business, within a supporting national network that is unique in Canada. Clients today have high expectations of their recruiting firms: they want us to be strategic business partners, with all the latest tools of analytics and candidate assessment.  Lock Search Group provides that and more.”

“Our team is both diverse and professional”, Ben continues. “What separates them from our competition is their real-world experience. We have a business model of hiring people who have held significant roles in the industries they now serve. They know the requirements, the routines and the challenges of their clients because they’ve learned them from the inside. Not many recruiting firms can say as much. Lock brings real value to every assignment we take on.”

Outside of work, Ben is a huge music fan of Canadian music, particularly that of the ’70s-’80s superstar rock band April Wine. After years of following the Habs in his native Montreal he now admits to cheering on the Leafs. As for his greatest accomplishment to date, he speaks with pride of his family: his wife Kathleen and their two daughters.

His favorite saying is “It’s all good”, which means “Don’t worry, I’m on it, and everything will be fine.”

You can read Ben’s full profile here : Ben Lamarche Profile 

Please join me in congratulating Ben on his new role in our company.

Richard Lock, Founder

Richard Lock

Richard Lock

Richard’s passion for embracing new ways of thinking have kept the Lock team motivated with a sense of purpose and a belief that exceptional is what we do, day after day...