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B2B companies have unique recruitment needs. Often, they need to hire candidates who have experience in their clients’ industry and knowledge of the problems their customers face, in addition to specific technical competencies like software development, data analysis, marketing, and other skills that are in high demand in a number of industries. Further complicating these recruitment challenges, B2B businesses also need employees who have a high degree of professionalism and soft skills like negotiation, communication, business strategy, and relationship-building. Professionals with this specific set of competencies can be difficult to find, and is just as desirable for both their competitors and the organizations they work with. 

Lock Search Group understands these requirements and has the resources, candidate network, and industry expertise to connect your B2B organization with the high-performing talent that’s hard to access through online job boards. Our experienced team of B2B recruiters combines technology and data-driven insights with a personalized approach tailored to your company and recruiting needs. Whatever type of position you need to fill, partner with a Lock Search recruiter to quickly hire the right people for your jobs.

We work with a diverse set of B2B companies

Advertising technology is constantly evolving. For organizations to get the full benefit of the latest AdTech developments, they need an experienced team of developers, designers, analysts, and support specialists, along with the product and marketing managers who direct and oversee their work. Candidates with knowledge of data analytics, ad servers, tracking technologies, and similar technical skills are in high demand, which can make filling these roles a challenge. The AdTech recruiters at Lock Search Group have the talent network and industry expertise to help our clients navigate this competitive hiring landscape and find the professionals they need for their team.
Like many industries, the B2B payments industry has evolved in recent years with the development of new technology and tools. Key roles like fraud analysts, compliance officers, and financial controllers are just as critical as ever, but many businesses today also need blockchain developers, data scientists, and technology consultants to keep current with these latest developments. Lock Search Group’s recruiters help our clients build the teams that will ensure funds are transferred securely and efficiently, today and into the future
Casino gaming is a highly regulated industry, and this adds to the challenge of finding the right talent for companies operating in this niche. Not only do companies need technicians, attendants, and managers to keep their operations running smoothly, but they also need specialists in regulatory affairs and compliance who can help them navigate the sometimes complex laws and rules governing the industry. As recruiting partners, Lock Search Group connects organizations with professionals who have this full array of skills and expertise and are ready to make an impact from their first day in the role.
Just about every retailer has some kind of online presence today, and the rapid expansion of the e-commerce sector has added more demands to an already depleted talent pool. Finding experienced web developers, marketing managers, and e-commerce analysts can be a big challenge, but one that companies in this space don’t need to face alone. Partnering with an e-commerce recruiter like Lock Search Group can help e-commerce companies hire the right people quickly to grow the team they need to thrive.
Hiring for InsurTech roles means finding candidates with a very specific combination of skills. Not only do they need technical skills in areas like data analysis, software design, AI/ML, blockchain, and cybersecurity, but they also need to understand the complex regulatory environment of the insurance industry. There is a limited pool of candidates who have this blend of expertise. Lock Search Group’s insurance technology recruitment team can be a big help in finding the right people for these niche positions.
The world-wide shortage of skilled telecommunications professionals has created a very competitive talent market in this sector. The dynamic field of telecommunications requires workers to have a diverse set of skills, including technical competencies in network design, hardware, security, and project management, as well as the ability to collaborate across disciplines. Our recruiting teams are well-versed in the unique challenges companies face when hiring telecommunications talent, leveraging a robust candidate network and deep industry expertise to connect our clients with the right people for their roles.
Professionals who thrive in the video game industry need a unique combination of creative and technical skills that can be challenging to find in the job market. The specific technical skills they need is always changing, too, as the technology used in video games evolves. The recruiters at Lock Search Group understand what game companies look for in candidates and can help them hire the right people for every stage of the game development process. Whether you need designers, developers, animators, or sound designers to create the games or sales and marketing managers to get the finished product to customers, Lock Search Group can help you find the talent you need.

We fill a variety of B2B roles

  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Director
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Engineer
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of Sales

What our clients say about our B2B recruiters

I worked with Lock Group for years in the Biotech industry so it was a natural and easy choice to partner again at Cision. Lock partners take the time to understand each industry, our company culture and each role.

Diane Slater

Cision, VP Human Resources

Why choose Lock Search Group

Track record of success

Since day one, our formula for success has been simple: care deeply, and deliver. We know that your next hire could be the one who changes everything for your team, and we pride ourselves on helping you close the deal with the talent who can take you to the next level.

Our founder’s entrepreneurial grit reaches from coast to coast, and you can expect the same delivery-driven, passionately-proven partnership in any one of the Lock team’s 12 offices. With consultants who boast average tenures of a decade or more, we’re not messing around –– we’re here to make the match that measures up.

Leaders and listeners

What is your story, and what’s the story behind it? Our client-centric focus puts you and your specific goals firmly at the heart of our search process. We’re here to listen.

You’ll receive an individual action plan when you work with Lock, and we’ll be right on the same page every step of the way: what we will do, how you’ll see it happen, and when to expect results will all be clearly defined from the very beginning.

Industry-savvy insiders

We’ve been building incredible teams at Lock since 1983. In that time, we’ve crafted a strong network of business leaders, decision makers, and influencers.

But that’s only half of the story. Our recruiters make genuine connections because they’ve lived their industries, and they understand the field’s unique nuances, needs, and subtleties from the inside out. No matter your business, the cutting edge is where you’ll find us.

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