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The Engineering field is composed of skilled professionals seeking to transform ideas into action. With the present-day focus on digital transformation, the resulting disruption is often driven by Engineering innovations. The latest recruiting buzzword for the Engineering world is “mechatronics”, and it refers to “the integration of mechanical engineering, robotics, electronics, and software.”

We are specialists in the recruitment of Engineering talent. We recognize that Engineering is the merger of creativity and professionalism. Almost everything we see around us was designed or developed by an Engineer.

Our recruiting research demonstrates that 4 out of 10 positions in the top-10-paying majors list are filled by qualified Engineers.

Lock’s expertise and experience with Engineers span more than 15 years. With our localized knowledge and international reach, we can assist both employers and candidates in evaluating and finalizing the search for the ideal Engineering career.

We fill a variety of engineering roles

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Engineering Management
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Structural Engineer

Why choose Lock Search Group

Track record of success

Since day one, our formula for success has been simple: care deeply, and deliver. We know that your next hire could be the one who changes everything for your team, and we pride ourselves on helping you close the deal with the talent who can take you to the next level.

Our founder’s entrepreneurial grit reaches from coast to coast, and you can expect the same delivery-driven, passionately-proven partnership in any one of the Lock team’s 12 offices. With consultants who boast average tenures of a decade or more, we’re not messing around –– we’re here to make the match that measures up.

Leaders and listeners

What is your story, and what’s the story behind it? Our client-centric focus puts you and your specific goals firmly at the heart of our search process. We’re here to listen.

You’ll receive an individual action plan when you work with Lock, and we’ll be right on the same page every step of the way: what we will do, how you’ll see it happen, and when to expect results will all be clearly defined from the very beginning.

Industry-savvy insiders

We’ve been building incredible teams at Lock since 1983. In that time, we’ve crafted a strong network of business leaders, decision makers, and influencers.

But that’s only half of the story. Our recruiters make genuine connections because they’ve lived their industries, and they understand the field’s unique nuances, needs, and subtleties from the inside out. No matter your business, the cutting edge is where you’ll find us.

Talk to a engineering recruiting expert

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Ben Lamarche

General Manager, Partner

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Charles Warren

Recruitment Consultant, Partner

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Pierre Lussier

Recruitment Consultant

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Patrick Parent

Recruitment Consultant

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François Montambeault

Recruitment Consultant

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Michael Villeneuve

Recruitment Consultant

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Brent Dodge

Recruitment Consultant, Partner

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Cameron Lappin

Recruitment Consultant, Partner

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Jay Harvey

Recruitment Consultant

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Alexandra Ungureanu

Recruitment Associate

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Gresa Rugova

Recruitment Associate

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