Executive Recruiters for Renewable Energy

Future-Thinking, Significant Impact

The ongoing transition of power generation from fossil fuels to renewables calls for expertise in innovation and execution.  Renewable Energy firms are recruiting talent to help them develop solutions for hydrogen energy, carbon capture and renewal, lithium extraction, energy storage, solar energy, sustainable energy, waste management and clean technologies.

As recruiters with a focus on the future, we can assist both employers and candidates involved in Renewable Energy.

The sector is undergoing digital transformation. Our expertise in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, digital communications, algorithms, robotics, and data science is proving useful to Renewables firms who are seeking innovation, lower costs, and precise measurements.

Established firms as well as start-ups seeking recruiting services will benefit from a discussion with our Renewable Energy specialists. Contact us today to arrange a virtual meeting.

We fill a variety of renewable energy roles

  • Geological Sample Test Technician
  • Geothermal Production Managers
  • Geothermal Technicians
  • Maintenance and Repair Workers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Sales Manager
  • Service Unit Operators
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Wind Energy Engineers

3 Reasons to Choose Lock Search Group

Experience and expertise

We streamline and simplify recruitment processes. Our own hiring practices are industry specific; our Consultants are recruited from leadership positions within their respective vertical. As specialists, we understand the position requirements, our client’s business, and the market landscape. We function as an extension of our client’s brand, assessing the potential for the right business and cultural fit within a pool of qualified candidates.

Client-centric focus

You receive an action plan that details what we will do, how we will do it, and when we will do it. Our client-centric focus puts you at the centre of our values and our operations. The wide scope of services we are able to provide draws on our Consultants’ direct industry experience. Lock Search group delivers recruiting results that align with your timeframe and your business goals.

Lasting business relationships

We have built a strong network of business leaders, decision makers, and influencers. Many of them have been our recruiting clients for decades. These relationships span all sectors and regions, ensuring we are the best networked search firm in the country.

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