Our Team

Our consultants are here to match exceptional talent with opportunities that are a perfect fit. Get to know our consultants better by reading their introduction biographies. Learn more about why their vast experience makes them the right person to work with when searching for a new job to further your career.

Sean Baker was a drummer in a rock band while in his 20’s. He continues to have that rare knack of drumming up enthusiasm for things – whether it be entertaining people for twenty minutes describing the amazing peanut butter sandwich he had for lunch, or even more commonly, talking with an industry leader over a coffee about new trends impacting the world of logistics and supply chain.
Vice President of Finance
When you control the money, you control the world. At least that's the way it works around here. Meet Glen Blackwell, VPE. That's Vice President of Everything.
Isabelle Brissette
Recruitment Coordinator
Friends in all the right places… Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Cuba, France, The Netherlands, US and of course Canada. Isabelle knows a whole lot of people,
Paul has a great appreciation for different people, languages, cultures and foods – something he put to great use when he taught ESL in Asia. He is a devoted husband and loving father of two children.
Shaun Collins
Recruitment Consultant
Shaun Collins graduated from the University of Manitoba with a finance degree but chose to pursue a career in sales since it seemed more fun. This need to combine work and enjoyment has guided Shaun for his entire career.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
There's nothing that Mike Davis likes more than a fixer-upper. We’re talking about houses not clients but hey that works too.
Tara-Lynn Dent
Recruitment Coordinator
Tara-Lynn Dent doesn’t do things halfway - unless they are marathons, in which case that is OK. But even those won’t cut it for long, since she is definitely going to do a full one. Soon.
Brent is the sort of guy who blushes when you call him a Renaissance man - though he’ll quickly slide into a discourse about how the term arose in Renaissance Italy and was first promulgated by the polymath Leon Alberti... See what we mean?
Senior Recruiter & Partner
One day Dave was minding his own business when he got a call. Come to the dark side the caller said – and he has.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
Greg joined our team in 2006, and since that time has earned the reputation with both clients and candidates as a go-to recruiter in the industrial and technical sales marketplace in Calgary.
Senior Recruiter
They say Christopher Goodrick is good with his hands. Starting his career off as a tradesman probably didn't hurt. His entrepreneurial talent led him to establish his own construction company.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
After 12 years of sales in surgical devices, auto sutures, endoscopy and micro implants for companies including Stryker and Tyco, Jay could well be said to have a strong connection to patients.
Jen Cabana
Recruitment Coordinator
Professional hockey player, on-air radio personality, flight attendant and purchasing analyst! Is there anything she can’t do? Ms. Cabana is bringing all her special talents to her new role as Recruitment Coordinator.
Paul Huffman
Paul Huffman likes dogs. They’re loyal and easy going. So is Paul. Of course, there are different kinds of dogs and dog-owners. Is he one of those guys who carries small dogs wearing coats?
Senior Recruiter
As a successful entrepreneur, Frank has had experience managing and developing a retail business from scratch and understands what it takes to move a company to the next level.
Lock is known for scooping the competition but that has nothing to do with us hiring Dana “The Scoop” Lamanna. The nickname actually comes from her legendary ice cream scooping skills (she has the right arm
A former drummer and crazed April Wine fan, Benoit spends most weekends behind the tour bus. But from Monday to Friday this groupie spends his time in our Toronto office, where he is known simply as Ben.
Cameron Lappin
We’re glad to have Cam Lappin and his experience on board at Lock. He graduated from the BC Institute of Technology with honours in the Marketing and Professional Sales Diploma program, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.
For the past 20 years, Michel has acquired extensive experience in business development, management and national account management in the manufacturing, technical sales, operations, logistics and production sectors.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
If you look to the top of your screen you'll find the professional recruiter in his natural habitat. Shh... let's try not to disturb this rare creature. OK, so maybe he's not "rare" per se, but Glenn does have his unique expertise.
They say if you build it, they will come. Well, when Richard builds it, success is what comes. (Good thing he has the energy of 10 men!) The founder of Lock Search Group, Richard has led the company through nearly 30 years of exceptional growth.
Divisional Vice President, B2B & Industrial
Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Kieran has supplemented his degree with numerous human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and management courses and seminars.
Pierre has solid experience in recruitment, business development and management. He was a senior business development manager for a leading manufacturer of office equipment and owned and managed two retail stores.
Jamus MacPherson headshot
Recruitment Consultant
How does Jamus know what's exceptional? Some might say that his fanatical devotion to the Edmonton Oilers might demonstrate quite the opposite. But don't say that to Jamus: as an avid golfer he usually has a club in his hand and who knows how he might react.
It's not just what you know, it's who you know. And Ed knows both. With years of experience working in the United States and Canada for high-profile companies like Trudell Medical, US Surgical Corporation, GE Medical, Ingram and Bell/Source Medical, Ed is very well connected.
Paul Melanson
Senior Recruiter & Partner
Just because Paul Melanson can juggle doesn't mean that he ran away to join the circus as a kid and trained to be a clown. He is funny and has traveled a lot but it’s likely a coincidence. He did start working when he was 12 and hasn’t stopped working since (he gave up the paper route last year – just got too busy).
Marie-Pier Nadeau
Recruitment coordinator
‘Persistence’ is Marie-Pier Nadeau’s watchword. Her mantra, if you will. That guidepost has seen her through a number of challenges to gratifying achievement.
Dan O'Day
Senior Recruiter & Partner
Don't let the youthful looking illustration to the left deceive you; Dan is one of Lock’s longest serving and top recruiters. Frankly, he is a bit of a sensei around here and you’ll often find a line up of people outside his office seeking his pearls of wisdom.
At 6’5" Patrick Parent, for sure will bring your career at new heights. He is a skilled skier, loves outdoor sports and fishing with friends.
Jean-François may look like the guy next door. But don't be fooled. He is intensely competitive, and especially in what he does. With a Bachelor's degree in finance, Jean-François quickly moved on to become a surgical representative for Cardinal Health.
Michael brings 20 years of Sales, Operations and Management experience to Lock Search Group where he now leads the Hospitality/QSR/Food Service Practice.
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor is the kind of guy who likes to hit it out of the park in every aspect of his life – not surprisingly, his most prized possession is a signed Derek Jeter baseball bat.
Recruiter & Partner
Michael graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc and the University of Ottawa with an MBA. He is fluently bilingual and excels in pharmaceutical sales, product management, key account management and hospital regional sales management.
Ella Weatherilt
Recruitment Coordinator
Ella Weatherilt has a B.A. in English Literature and many years of work experience in numerous industries and at staffing agencies as an administrative and financial employee.