Points of Inspiration: Family is number one.  Outside of that I tend to take my Uncle Tommy’s advice, “Find a person you love. And a job you love.  And the rest will all fall into place.”

That are few feelings as great as the one you get when you learn you are the successful candidate and you accept a new role.  Trevor has been fortunate to be on the receiving end of that call several times.  But he wondered what would it be like to be the person sharing that news with the candidate?

After earning his business degree from Acadia University, Trevor spent several successful years in B2B sales before beginning his career in sales management.  With 10+ years’ experience in leading sales team in CPG, Packaging and Cannabis, Trevor has a proven track record of consistently exceeding personal and team financial targets.  Known for his coaching style and ability to build strong relationships, Trevor’s genuine style has been instrumental in his success in building comprehensive teams that are founded on team members that both complement and challenge each other.

A North Vancouver local, Trevor spent his youth as a commercial fisherman where he learned the value of negotiation and patience.  Traits that serve him well in his quest to break 80 on the golf course.

Practice Areas:  Hard Goods, Mining, Packaging, Transportation/Logistics, Real Estate, Gaming, Educational and Professional Services, Telecom, Office Equipment, and Ad Media.