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They say if you build it, they will come. Well, when Richard builds it, success is what comes. (Good thing he has the energy of 10 men!) The founder of Lock Search Group, Richard has led the company through nearly 30 years of exceptional growth.
Divisional Vice President, B2B & Industrial
Since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Kieran has supplemented his degree with numerous human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and management courses and seminars.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
Greg joined our team in 2006, and since that time has earned the reputation with both clients and candidates as a go-to recruiter in the industrial and technical sales marketplace in Calgary.
Senior Recruiter & Partner
After 12 years of sales in surgical devices, auto sutures, endoscopy and micro implants for companies including Stryker and Tyco, Jay could well be said to have a strong connection to patients.
Sean Baker was a drummer in a rock band while in his 20’s. He continues to have that rare knack of drumming up enthusiasm for things – whether it be entertaining people for twenty minutes describing the amazing peanut butter sandwich he had for lunch, or even more commonly, talking with an industry leader over a coffee about new trends impacting the world of logistics and supply chain.
Shaun Collins
Recruitment Consultant
Shaun Collins graduated from the University of Manitoba with a finance degree but chose to pursue a career in sales since it seemed more fun. This need to combine work and enjoyment has guided Shaun for his entire career.
Jen Cabana
Recruitment Coordinator
Professional hockey player, on-air radio personality, flight attendant and purchasing analyst! Is there anything she can’t do? Ms. Cabana is bringing all her special talents to her new role as Recruitment Coordinator.